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The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 2 - Skye Washout

Sunday 26th April
Just completed day 2 and at the present time we are parked outside the Sligachan where it is chucking down and about to head for tea & pint.

We managed to get a lift from Milovaig to Uig on the Friday night which meant I could get my 1st sail today (Sunday), as I was not going to be doing any of the sailing due to the logistics of where the van was meant to be.

On Saturday I left Manny while he headed for An Clisham & 20 mile bike ride to Rodel, while Sandra, Archie & myself had a couple of hours to wonder around Harris. We found an intersting hardware shop where Manny collected his bike from that Mindy had arranged, but as there was not much else to do we headed to the pub for a light refreshment before catching the bus to Rodel where I made the decision that we were just going to be booking into the Rodel Hotel for the night.

The weather today (Sunday) was lovely when we left Rodel at 8am this morning but by a couple of hours into the sail it was getting rather choppy, and one ended up feeling very sick, needless to say I was so pleased to see the the van parked at Milovaig.

From here on its my turn to do the driving so I had my 1st drive of the trip in the campervan I had to run Anne, a member of the boat crew to collect a car from Uig and I then headed to meet Manny at Sligachan. It was a long journey doing 40 mhp due to the winds and the roads. I passed Manny just a mile away from Sligachan where he was like a drowned rat. He made a wise decision not to go and do Glamaig & Garbh-bheinn today.

The boat crew, John, Archie & Sandra left Milovaig to head to Elgor Pier but had to turn back after an hour and half due to the weather conditions.

We will check the forecast for tomorrow and update where we are.


Unknown said...

Strange - absolutely gorgeous all day in the Borders. Perhaps he should have just done St. Cuthberts Way instead!

Manny said...

Set off on the first sail on a beatiful morning with high hopes, and generally the sail went well, but a bit slower than we hope due to wind direction at F5/6 (poor Brenny!)but we were all glad to get into the shelter of Loch Pooltiel after 6 hours.
A change to biking mode and headed off into a 30 mile road bike to Slig, but immediately the weather deteriorated to rain and the wind growing rapidly in strength making the biking harder and harder by the minute. Before long it was a full blown gale magnified 10 fold at every corner or crossing the mouth of the many sea inlets. I crawled into Slig having averaged less than 10mph having fought for every yard of gain. Absolutely soaked, frozen and shattered, there was no way I could have gone over Glamaig or Garbh-bheinn,as to do so would have been dangerous folly. The rest of the evening was spent eating, and catching up on comms with you lot! Forecast tomorrow looks ominous and the boat is still stuch at the north of Skye due to the weather! mmm?
I still hope to make a bid to catch up first thing this space.

Anonymous said...

Brenda - don't tell anyone you have a capervan!! You'll have loads of twitchers wanting a lift!!! Katherine x