This blog describes Manny Gorman's successful round of all 219 Corbetts in 70 days, in one continuous journey by running, cycling and sailing.

Manny's 70 Day Schedule

The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

"You're an idiot, but a truly inspirational one!" (Stuart Simpson)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 44 & 45 – Bugger all, and beyond

Leg like a plank of wood this morning – there was no way I was going up a hill – I could barely get out the van!
After a hearty fry-up in the local café with the gang, they all headed up Garbh Bheinn in the sun while me, Brenny and the boys headed for the beach for a couple of hours.
I paid a visit to the Belford in Ft W and Doc says nothing broken, see a physio.
My physio says ice, beer, massage, beer, drugs, beer, compression, beer…and repeat.
I will go back tomorrow and have more treatment and re-assess.
I am now more confident I will get going again maybe in another day or 2, but off course this has knocked the timescale to hell.
I will keep all you Blogaloonies posted what happens.
Fingers crossed.
Thanks to Archie for the magnificent paint job on the van!!


Johnston said...

Thanks for re-organising your schedule to avoid completion clashing with the Arrochar Alps race.

Best wishes for a good recovery.

(Archie - fab work with Photoshop!)

Anonymous said...

if i learnt one thing in that sandy madness i did last year it was that when it really hurts ...take drugs. If the pain continues then take more (or better ones if anyone has any). Get sorted and get back tae it ~ the corbetts need you ! Graham K

Charlie Campbell said...

Graham, so true - you can't beat basic drugs for easing the strife. A huge Coffee (caffeine) to get you going in the morning, then lots of aspirin / ibuprofen to try and keep the niggles at bay during the day, and then God's own medicine of a beer or two at night, as a relaxant and anaesthetic...
I'm hopefully dragging my fat ass north this week, and will do my best to kick his skinny ass back out the door. Just cos he's got a gommy gorman leg, is no excuse for laziness - Is that a Corbett I see!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Manny,
look on the bright side, if your finish is delayed by a couple of days, Elma and I can council you up Ben Loyal as i am off the week starting Sat 27th. Stay strong and focused.
It also gives Brenda a break from playing tea lady to westies (she's the real star here!)
see you in the far North
Don (Freud) Reid

adrian davis said...

Manny. Are you a man or a superhuman. Hoping to get out and join you again start of next week for a day or two so let me know where you are and I'll bring whatever appendages, bandages or herbages you need, all legal of course. All the best and remember the hot and cold tub philosophy. If it hurts freeze it! Then warm it up again. Go



Chris said...

Hi Manny. Any news yet on the knee, and when you might be starting again, or is it still too soon to say?

Anonymous said...

hang in there, Man-power - try to look at the enforced rest as "breathing space" allowing everything to recharge. Won't be long.