This blog describes Manny Gorman's successful round of all 219 Corbetts in 70 days, in one continuous journey by running, cycling and sailing.

Manny's 70 Day Schedule

The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick update before heading away into Strathconnon

Please check the updated schedule on the front page of the blog, it is getting updated regularly.

If anyone fancies a bit of biking on Sunday then Manny will be leaving at 8.30am from blackbridge, on the Ullapool road, if any of you Carrbridge bikers want to join us. A couple of hills also which can be done, although you will need to sort out your travel arrangements.

It also looks live the last Corbett, Ben Loyal will be Friday 3rd July 2009.


Beardy said...

Wow-it is incredible looking at the schedule ... so much done!!! The rain of arrochar was a lifetime ago. Wan last push folks ...

Yours in awe
Graham K

Chris said...

Only 7 days left now... Enjoy every minute!

John Donnelly said...

are you really going to see the mighty AC/DC on Tues and then drive back up on Wed morning??!!

Swaz said...

AC/DC Concert?!! "Are You Ready?" Well I guess it's back down the "Highway to Hell" to Glasgow ???

Well we know Manny's endured plenty "Stormy May Days" that "Shake your Foundations" and got his schedule "All Screwed Up" - but even though "It's a long way to the top" and you're probably running on "borrowed time", you've definately "got big balls" so "let's make it" through next Friday then "have a drink on me"

Swaz "Rock n Roll ain't noise pollution"

Dot said...

Had a brief visit to Manny and Brenda in Glen Strathfarrar today to deliver fresh doughnut supplies. He and Dave made good time over Bac an Each and an Sidhean, arriving at the meeting place 5 minutes before Brenda and the van, and being bitten by clegs. Then a road bike down the glen, accompanied by Peter Bennett. Manny was chased out from yet another tea break by Dave, in a hurry to go and do Sgorr na Diollaid. Another hot sunny day, hope it lasts for the next week. Best of luck.

Chris said...

I hope things are still ticking over OK, with a Friday finish still on the cards. I'm planning to head up to track you down sometime tomorrow (Monday), so hope to meet you somewhere north of Ullapool.

Steve Wall said...

Come on Manny keep going mate, almost there. The Cairngorm Runners are all rooting for you and right behind you (well in our armchairs on PCs that is!. Best of luck mate and love to Brenda too from us all. Steve Wall