This blog describes Manny Gorman's successful round of all 219 Corbetts in 70 days, in one continuous journey by running, cycling and sailing.

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The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 65 - Black Bridge to Glencalvie

After a mad dash from the Arrochar Alps race to Ullapool in time for last orders on Saturday night, myself and Andy had a bit of a slow start on Sunday, giving Manny a head start on the way from Black Bridge to Beinn a'Chaisteil. Manny, Brenda, Pete, Elsie, Dave, Geoff, and Ali had mountain bikes, so it was a tough shift to do a 5-mile run to catch them. Seeing figures high on the hill, we dumped our bags and raced upwards, in time to catch Manny just coming down from the summit. Unfortunately, a logistical cock-up meant we didn't have Manny's fave fell shoes to replace the trainers he uses mostly for biking. The fell shoes were thereafter referred to loudly as "my ----ing shoes!!!". Oops. Anyway, on to the summit and back down with Brenda and Ali, while Manny made the most of the sun to ride on to Carn Ban with Dave, Pete, Elsie and Geoff.

After the long run back out, I just had enough time for the 90-min drive to Glencalvie, where the infamous shoes were successfully transported up the glen for Manny. By this time Cat Miller had made an unexpected but very welcome appearance, and when Manny and Geoff arrived by bike after doing Carn Ban (the others went back to Black Bridge), we set off at a cracking pace towards the summit of Carn Chuinneag. Manny was powering along, running even some uphills, and after a short summit stop, the gang of 5 headed back to the glen, another Corbett done in 75 mins.

Don't know if Manny cycled north afterwards, but I'm sure Brenda will provide details when she gets the chance. Today was yet another illustration of how busy she is and what a great job she does in keeping Manny on the road.

202 Corbetts done, 17 to go...


bob @ sandstone said...

Reads like you and your team are completely on top of things, Manny. Now you are entering a unique landscape that is also the best of Corbett Country. The weather also looks as if it is going to cooperate in a great finish. No stopping you now!

Anonymous said...

Well done Manny (and Brenda) for getting so far so well. I had hoped to come and give you some physical support during this but it looks like you're managing well enough with the guys around you. Keep going - you're almost there.

(I'm in awe)

Bruce S

Anonymous said...

If your last Corbett is Friday does this mean you and Bren will be competing in the Corrieyairack Challenge? ONLY JOKING.....we will be waiting at the finish line in Kincraig with a Cairngorm Beer just in case. Lyn and Kev xx

Anonymous said...

Manny with the end in sight now is the time to start thinking about your next adventure?

pehaps yould bounce round all the munros on these


Brenda said...

Manny did the 44 mile cycle from Craigs to Knockan Crag Visitor Centre last night, finished just before 11.

Brenda said...

Not going to make the Corrieyairack this year but will make it to the Suie for a pint on the way home on Saturday.

Steve Wall said...

Not doing the Corrieyairack??? Why ever not, you will be hill fit and in with a chance!! Seriously well done Brenda, Manny would never have done so well without a good girl by his side and supporting him, we at Cairngorm Runners are very proud of you both. As a mountaineer I know exactly what Manny has bitten off and am so impressed with his amazing efforts thus far - come on almost there. Truly amazing.