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The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 16 - Cobblers to the weather

Manny on The Cobbler
Day 16 - Photos

Woke up this morning with rain thrashing off the van and the temptation to roll over and ignore the world was strong. However after much groaning and a cup of tea we were off to start from a SUNNY Butterbridge in good company with Angela Mudge, Cat Miller, Elizabeth Adams, Graham Kelly and of course the ever dependable Chris heading for Beinn Luibhean. Good time was made uphill, with the shirt off, drying out my skin, and the views from the top were great!
Only my 5th view in 24 hills!

There was a bit of delay on the way off as Angela lost one of her pooches, Canna, who was more interested in mountain hares than Corbetts much to her masters angst! The rest of us gave up and headed for The Cobbler where I have to admit a knocking of knees and sooking in of bum cheeks as I scrambled out that wee rock hole onto the ledge to face sickening exposure. Graham & Chris had at my request put out a nice rope handrail for me to make my best friend up and down. Phew, ticked! The others all enjoyed disgustingly relaxed skips up the same rock!

Angela with both both dogs back in tow, had now caught us up again and a great technical run off the hill to the Narnain Boulders was had where I picked up my MTB, humfed up there kindly by John Bottomley, but the rest for my legs was very short lived with a rear puncture leaping stone drainage ditches after only 500 yards of exciting downhill, and with bad planning of no pump!! The bike had to be stripped into parts and humfed back off the hill again by all the supporting cast! My 2 handsome boys Manuel & Duncan had managed to walk up the hill a fair bit with Brenda & Dot and it was great to see them up there then get a good run off the hill with Duncan leading the way!

Archie accompanied me for the 11 miles of hellish road along Loch Lomond to Glen Falloch Farm then it was up Meall an Fhudair in now glorious evening sun, with John and now Johnston now taking Brenda's MTB up the hill for me to ride off. Chris & Johnston accompanied me up the hill for outstanding vistas and I got the easy bike ride back to the van to find Brenda up the hill for a run too. Great finish to a great day - at last. Many thanks to all those who helped out in one way or another, especially Dot who kept Brenda sane for just wee bit longer...


Johnston said...

You mean the weather isn't always as good as this at the summit??!!

Not sure if I'll be back if that's the case ;-)

It was a pleasure and a privilege to run with you today. Great to see Brenda and the rest of the team too. I wish I could have been there earlier but I had to go and watch thousands of fit burdz in Glasgow in the morning. It's a hard life.

Hope to do some more summits with you next weekend. Good luck tomorrow and I hope this week sees a spell of good weather to help you on your way.

Chris said...

A great day out today on the Cobbler!
I'll get the photos uploaded to Flickr tomorrow.
Good luck Manny and Brenda with the monster five Corbett day tomorrow!

Scotsman said...

I never made it up the Cobbler myself, although I had always planned to do so one day. As much as I miss the mountains of Scotland, I can't say reading these posts that I miss the weather much. :)

Beardy said...

A top day indeed !

Manny - you are going strong but get your support team to look after you more. Rest whenever possible !!!

Only downside from yesterday was when I got in the shower this morning and hot water hit ma baldy heid - SUNBURN is sair :-)

Have a great week and given a fair wind I will catch up with you next weekend.

Brenda - many thanks for the tea and jammy donut !

On a different note ...would love to have heard some of the conversations from folks heading up the track after we passed running with bike bits.

Aw ra best ....
Graham K

Beardy said...

ps - by "support team" I mean folks like me who dip in and out for a day here and there ...Brenda is already doing a top job !!!!

Dot said...

Good to see you at the weekend, and hope the sun stayed for Monday's big day. A few more photos here:

Anonymous said...

So glad you're getting some good weather at last!!! The photos are amazing!

Brenda - hope you're doing ok! I punctured a tyre on my dads car the other week luckily Keith was with me :)

Katherine xx

Unknown said...

Nice one, Bigman. Sorry to have missed you on Arran, and again in the borders. even sorrier to have missed what looked like a real belter in the Arrochar Alps. Keep it lit!