This blog describes Manny Gorman's successful round of all 219 Corbetts in 70 days, in one continuous journey by running, cycling and sailing.

Manny's 70 Day Schedule

The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

"You're an idiot, but a truly inspirational one!" (Stuart Simpson)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 32 - Feshie to Moulin Inn

Dropped off by Davy and Brenda in the jeep at the top of Glen Feshie at about 10am and a brisk walk up Leathad an Taobhain to wake up the very creaking legs, then travelled well over the very rough featureless ground to Beinn Bhreac squidging through wet peat bogs constantly. I came over the brow of a wee hummock and there were 2 eagles on the ground right in front of me – massive big things! I was scared they were going to set about me but they lumbered into the sky seemingly not too bothered by my intrusion and watched me for a while, probably deciding I didn’t have enough meat left to make a decent snack. Freezing cold NW winds made me keep moving on to stay warm, but it was clear and sunny mostly, with some massive black rain clouds passing ominously all around me, but fortunately not connecting! Another big bog hop over to Beinn Mheadhonach and a long ridge run off south to Gilberts Bridge in Glen Tilt to meet Davy & Brenny with the mtb’s then nip back into Blair Atholl for a body re-fuel. Lovely day, but it was only 3.15pm. mmm? Yeah, you guessed – crack on for another couple. I know the physio said “rest”, and the tape did help…until it fell off, but I felt I had to make use of this unseasonably good weather after a month of cats & dogs. So a quick bike wheeech into Killiecrankie (bumped into Emma & her dug, who we met at Loch Rannoch a few days previous) and up the back of Ben Vrackie and then stupidly carried on to Ben Vuirich. Mistake.It was only half way across this rough route I realised the folly - it was now 7pm and the Moulin Inn may stop serving grub at 8.30!!!. Emergency text to B instructing advanced food order while I proceeded to set the heather on fire with am insane race pace climb and descent of Vuirich, absolutely eye balls out! Crazy, just what I needed after 20 plus miles. I met Brenda, Davy and now Aidy “King of the Bens” Davis on the north side with mtb for a mad 5 mile dash to the road end for the vans, then whiz to the Moulin just in time for grub – turns out it was 9.30 last orders for grub and just as well because I had been hallucinating steak & ale pie with an Atholl Ale chaser for the last 2 hours. A good day but I think I may suffer for it tomorrow, but at least with some new company promised for the hill.
I’m away to cuddle a large Glengoyne before my coma.
Night night Blogites.


Archie said...

Manny, you're a blithering idiot! Why the hell do you have to take such stupid risks?

OK, I can see the point in knocking off Ben Vrackie, but heading off to Ben Vuirich was utter folly which might well have have ended in disaster, You could so, so easily have missed that steak and ale pie!! Make sure you know when last orders are in future

Well done sir.

Brian Brennan said...

Fantastic Manny ...well done and loking at your schedule you'll be past half way a week from now .....keep it going mate

Chris said...

Well done Manny with your mad extra half a day yesterday. I hope it hasn't wrecked you too much and you can take advantage of the ground made up. At the current rate you should reach 100 Corbetts by the coming weekend, and hit the halfway point sometime next week.
Keep it going! I'm sure the good weather must be arriving sometime soon.

Lyn & Kevin said...

Well Manny, now I know you're MAD. I can't believe how addictive your blog are doing fantasticaly well. The book that you write after this will help pay for the extension on the house!!!!
All the best - Lyn and Kevin

John Donnelly said...

superb stuff Manny, keep them Corbetts rolling in.Gret support work too Brenda.

Anonymous said...


Where were you last night you missed a nice wednesday ride from Kingussie? I afraid your recent absence has been noted!

There was quite a bit of discussion in the pub about you!!

All good!

There were also a lot of volunteers to go and collect beer from CG Brewery for you!

Can you also stay over in the East this weekend and keep your rain cloud with you as there are a few of us doing ten under the ben and we would like a dry day!

Keep up the good work