This blog describes Manny Gorman's successful round of all 219 Corbetts in 70 days, in one continuous journey by running, cycling and sailing.

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The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 23, part 2 - free the Tyndrum 5 !

…continuing from Part 1

Day 23 - Photos

Manny and myself said our goodbyes and headed off from the summit of Beinn Odhair …stopping almost immediately to check the map. Despite being perfectly clear, it was too long a day to make an “opps” at the start! The descent was not only long but steep down to the bealach and it seemed a same to lose around 450m of height but we agreed that section was far better being done early rather than at the end of the route. The climb up to Beinn Chaorach was actually alright …steep enough to justify going slowly. Once on the summit we got a rather “iconic” photo on top of the trig point and I mean on top of it. Think of the “Christ The Redeemer” Statue above Rio De Janeiro or the Angel of the North just outside Newcastle and you will get the idea.

We then moved onto the 3rd summit of the day and as we trotted down the ridge, I got the full story of “Manny vs the Borders Farmer” – I agree that we should have a club run on the same hill with multiple vehicles all legally parked close in the same layby. Arriving on the summit of Carn Chreag I managed to put a bit of doubt into the mind …”were we at the right cairn”. We briefly headed along the southeast ridge before looking back and deciding we were correct after all. Quick retrace of the route before another long descent towards the watershed below Beinn nam Fhuaran. One thing I have learned about the Corbetts, is each mountain really is a separate mountain (unlike many Munros where you sometimes can get multiple summits with minimal effort). It was here we met the only other folks out on the hill – a lovely older couple who commented that we had caught up with them rather quickly (they are obviously easily impressed since my legs were going into that loupin sair phase preventing anything like bold descending). The steep climb back up the other side exposed the lack of kCal and a wee piece / drink was in order. Manny had a brief sprint after a bar wrapper which had decided to head towards Ben Dorain – not what was needed at this point in the day. We arrived at the cairn and had some fun taking another summit pic via the self timer on the camera (funny what can go wrong in 10 seconds). If the ascent was steep, the descent was equally brutal but thankfully also fairly short. The last climb of the day to Beinn a Chaisteil was longer than necessary…not for any other reason than we were both getting tired (please note I had no excuse for feeling like this having done next to bugger all during the week). With the trudge over it was time for one last silly summit pic! Rather than risk an impromptu scramble through the crags of Creagan Liatha we ran down the long grassy ridge before dropping down to the track where Donald was meeting us with Manny’s mountain bike. Main topic of conversation coming down the ridge was campervans – I found myself for the second week in a row suffering from serious campervan envy (not helped by Donald’s very smart VW complete with kayak and bike racks ….I NEED WAN). Donald had very kindly brought in cans of Fanta which certainly helped for the last few miles. Whilst Manny sped off into the distance to meet Brenda and a road bike for the last spin down Glen Orchy, Donald and I had a slow trot back out to his camper. I retrieved my car and we all headed to the Bridge of Orchy hotel for some rehydration. It seemed a shame to drive south …

Don’t know about anyone else but this blog is getting to be a bit addictive – kinda like Eastenders but for real! Maybe we should produce an omnibus edition to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon ?!?!?

Manny - Demon of the Corbetts
Rio has nothing on oor Manny - "Demon of the Corbetts"


Johnston said...

Thanks for finishing off the account of the day, G. You guys really put in some hard work there! I'm glad I said no to a second summit, as the drop from the first was pretty substantial. I was happy to sleep off Saturday night's celebrations instead. It's given me a real appetite to go back and complete that circuit one day though!

Great day again Manny! Well done!

Archie said...

The blog is certainly addictive (unlike Eastenders!) but it's like watching it on Dave, you never know when the next episode is going to be on!! Keep on truckin' (that's for you Brenda)

Anonymous said...

Hello again from the "old couple" you met en-route. We were doing it as a 70th birthday celebration, but I suspect in double your time. We have a photo of you as tiny dots going up the 4th hill.
We could have done with your mountain bike at the end to get back to the car

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Congrats on the 70th birthday celebration trip - both Manny and myself hope we are still active on the hill in years to come (knees willing).

It was good to meet you albeit breifly !

Graham K

Manny said...

Ahh! the "lovely older couple"!
How nice of you to comment - how the hell did you find the Blog?!
Just as we were coming off the 4th top we spotted you far below and I said to Graham that I would love to still be doing hills in any shape or form at your age, but the way I feel at the moment sitting at the Kingshouse with a very sore leg, you will be celebrating your 80th with another mountain whilst I will be booked into the "Grand View" retirement home for crocked hill runners.
Good luck to you both.

Anonymous said...

Anita, who posts on left a link on a trip report I did.
Sorry to hear you are having to hop now: might just about slow you down to our pace. Watch those knees, reason husband descends so slowly is BAD KNEE, not age!