This blog describes Manny Gorman's successful round of all 219 Corbetts in 70 days, in one continuous journey by running, cycling and sailing.

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The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 9 - Arran

Just received message that they are heading towards Sannox Bay to drop him off and finish Goatfell at Brodick. Time will depend if he makes it to Troon night or tomorrow morning.

Will update as soon as I have more information.


Brenda said...

The crew wont be sailing until tomorrow morning (Monday) so they are expected to arrive in Troon by lunch time. This meant I had another spare day so I made it to Ikea for some shopping this afternoon.

Unknown said...

Hi Manny,
For Monday evening we had the local silver band ready, a cast of thousands of extras, 10's of thousands of well wishers, television cameras. Even Joanna Lumley and half a dozen Ghurkas.

Any way they couldn't hang about, actually mentioned something about "the swine flew". I said you weren't that fast and I thought calling you a pig was a bit harsh. Anyway we've dismantled the stage, removed all the tents, cleared up the litter and reseeded the trampled grass. Thay all asked me to say hi when you get down here!
Don't worry! We had a whip round and collected £2.80 so we'll be able to buy you a pint! You'll just need to cycle the 14 mile round trip to the pub in Broughton.

Chris said...

Manny finally got the Arran hills in the bag today (Sunday 3rd May), a couple of days later than scheduled, and should be hitting the mainland at Troon around lunchtime tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Are you sure he bagged them? I've had no response to the message I left him on Cir Mhor...!

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from Crew Log: Sun 3rd May: Ardrishaig.
Destination, Arran. Fair wind & tide.

1.0pm: Sannox Bay, Arran. 25 mins to row M ashore in F7 headwind.
Onlookers ask for the umteenth time "has your engine broken down lad?" M smiles & explains his mission.
Ms parting words "may do it in 4hrs". Aye, that'll be right.

"Finlandia" proceeds to pick up point in Brodick Bay & note Mull of K was also out of bounds for "Lord of the Glens" today.

5.08pm:txt msg:"on top of Goat Fell now, put kettle on, will be 30mins".
Me thinks, Aye, that'll be right but better get the tender ashore.

Sure enough Ms on time. Big grin. Island hills now complete. Well done.
Fi & John