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The Corbetts are Scottish hills between 2,500 and 3,000ft, with at least 500ft ascent on all sides.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 33 - Ben Vuirich - Glen Clova

I am sure Manny will update you with his usual rant.

He headed away on Wednesday morning for a 16 mile bike ride to do Ben Gulabin where Adie & Tricky joined us for the day. Davie was heading away this morning to catch another race in the evening. A short road bike for 3 miles to then to do Monanenach while I had a lovely drive around to Auchhavan to meet Adie & Manny while Tricky went to the top of Monanenach and back down the same way to collect his car. The weather has improved so he is making most of the days.

Manny then headed away again on his road bike for a 30 mile cycle to Wheen while I headed on my way to the Clova Hotel. On the way I stopped at Kirriemuir to catch the chemist, again.... I had just been driving for a couple of miles and I saw this person cycling the opposite way, so I slowed down and noticed he had a red jacket & white helmet then I realised it was Manny, I had a quick panic and thought, oh S***I am going the wrong way, but I thought no I can’t be. I then stopped and yes it was Manny going the wrong way, he came to the end of the road and no sign so he went right instead of left. I then drove away with a rather big grin and pleased that it was not me……. and carried on to the Clova Hotel where I was parked up quiet comfortable in the hotel car park sitting in my deck chair waiting for him to arrive. He arrived in at 6.30pm just in time to have dinner, pint & watch the football….

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Manny said...

A short day on the hills with only Ben Gulabin at the Spittal of Glenshee and Monamenach above Glen Esk but with 50 miles of road biking tagged on for good measure. This day was a bit of weather turning point with the moring rain being replaced by lovely sunshine at the start of a settled period of sun and heat!! At last, yippee! Thanks to Aidrian & Tricky Dicky for the good company on the hill and the bike duties - much enjoyed. A smashing meal in the Glen Clova Hotel with some fine real ales, and the rest of the evening spent watching Man U get drubbed by Barca with an ice pack for company.